Chinese Classical Rhetoric Online Meeting




We have planned to do an online meeting on Chinese classical rhetoric. The purpose of it is to discuss ideas in Chinese classical rhetoric, Classical Greece and China comparative studies or any other related topic. If your are interesting, we would like you to provided same suggestions in the link bellow:

Suggestions (English)

我們計畫做網路上的關於中國古代修辭學的會議。此會議目標是世界各地學者能夠討論中國古代修辭學、古典希臘與中國比較學以及其他相關研究領域。若您感興趣, 可以在下面連結提供建議。


If you want to know more, you can send us an email to





2 comentarios sobre “Chinese Classical Rhetoric Online Meeting

  1. Perhaps we could look at argument structure in each tradition. Also, it might be interesting to compare rhetorical figures and how they are used. I would be inclined to consider Roman rhetorical theory as well, since it is based on the Greek schools. It’s quite a while since I looked at 管锥篇, but it seems like there might be some good starting points there.

    Me gusta

    1. Thank you very much for your suggestion. It is good idea to include Roman Rhetoric and to compare rhetorical figures. I think the topics should be very open.
      We keep in touch. I’ll be glad to receive other suggestions in the future. Thank you very much

      Me gusta


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